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September 4, 2012
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I stand there, blood pattering to the floor. It is coming from my knuckles that a laved with scars. I look up, my grand mirror is shattered. Pieces of it are strewn on the floor around me. There is a sharp pang in my hand, and instinctively I wrap it into the hem of my skirt. But, immediately regret it as I feel small fragments of glass dig into the skin. I look at the fragments on the floor, each one reflecting a different image back at me. 'why is everything broken' 'what happened to me' I think bitterly...then I hear a light and airy chuckle, so I whip around. But, no one is there, intact nothing is there. The mirror is surrounded by nothing but an abyss, this part of my world is isolated. 

I bend down, and pick up one of the largest fragments. I stare at it for a minute. Brown almost black eyes state back at me, and for a moment I am caught up, and in a flash of white the scene changes. In front of me, there is a black bag laying on the floor. I already feel the tears burning there way down my face, as large strong arms are wrapped around my waist. I keep hearing a male voice yelling for me not to look. I can hear my own voice screaming at my friend Clayton to let go of me. Mentally, I keep screaming that I need to be there for him.

My friend Trance walks past the whole chaotic scene. He pulls down the zipper on the black bag, and seems to study the boy in it for a minute. I find myself crying so hard that I am going numb. Finally strong arms turn me away from the image of those glassy blue eyes and into his chest. He holds me as I cry, trying to think of anything but the bloody blonde hair, and those glassy eyes. Finally, a saving voice reaches my ears. "Kit, I think I can save him."

"do it! Please help him!!" I scream, only to blink and realize I am back in the abyss clutching the piece of glass. I look at the mirror, and a silver outline lights up, and I push the mirror into it. It absorbs it, and holds it into place. The same dark eyes stare at me from the slowly reconstructing mirror. I bend down, and once again pick up a piece. This time almost neon green eyes star back at me. The shard has a similar effect as the last. Transporting me to a new location. 

"Shawn...put the knife down... Please I will stay...stay with you..." I try to fake a smile. My mind trying to crop out the other shaking boy. It's the same blonde kid from the last scene. His blue eyes are full of panic.

"I know you! Your lying to me!" the boy with the green eyes says. His face is contorted. He looks almost crazy. His hand holding the knife is shaking like crazy. His hand on the boys wrist tightens. "You of all people can't lie to me." he raises the knife, and stabs it into the other boys leg. The blonde kid lets out a scream. Something about it rattles my chest. I am on the brink of shattering, and I don't know why. 

"Damn it Shawn! I am not lying. Just let him go. He won't tell anyone. You an I can just go." I look over, and I feel my heart shatter as I see a tear run from those crystal blue eyes. I look right at him, wanting nothing more than to shake my head, but once again my eyes lock on green as I hear him chuckling.

He waves the knife pointing it at me, "You? You think you can lie to me?" he asks pointing it at his own throat. Then pointing it at the blondes that already open. I shake my head no. My words are caught, I can't even tell him I am not lying. "You think I am stupid? Or blonde? You chose this little screw up to me..." a tear rolls from green eyes. A part of me, has to wonder if he isn't so manic that he can't control it. "Well, I am going to make this choice easy for you... If there is only one...well then...there you go." he says before he raises the knife up, aiming to bring it into the other boys stomach.

My throat tightens, but then it comes out loud and clear. "No!! Get away from him! Kill me!" I look around again as everything swirls and I am back in the abyss. It takes everything for me to not drop the mirror piece. I look up, and see the outline in the husk of the mirror, and I push it in with shaking fingers. I stare for a moment at the green eyes staring back at me.

I bend down, and pick up another shard. Almost happy brown eyes are staring back at me. This one has the same effect as the other. The next thing I know I am laying on my side. A large blanket is draped over me, as well as an arm with a scar on the left wrist. I follow with my eyes up to the face, and sure enough it is the same blonde guy from every other visions. I look around the room. I know this house, and it has been a while since I have been here. It belongs to my best friend Amber. I look to the TV and the Titanic is playing.

It is my favorite part, where Rose jumps back onto the ship, and Jack kisses her telling her she is so stupid. I feel the arm around me tighten, and his fingers interlace with mine. It takes me a minute to remember not to pull away from him. He leans down and he whispers, "You jump, I jump Kit. I love you so much." and then he kisses the side of my head. 'Oh shit! Amber is lying for us.' yet, something in my heart swells just feeling his arm around me. 

Suddenly that warmth is gone, and I am back in the abyss. Sadly the outline appears, and I am reminded that you can't spend to much time looking back. I look around, then at my blood covered hand. He was holding that, but now that seems so far away. I bend down, and look at another shard. Another pair of kinder green eyes are staring at me, and once again I am swept away. 

I sit on a bar stool in his kitchen. My stomach is about to pop, from
the dinner at the melting pot. It feels so nice to be out with him, and not have to be lying about where I am. He enters the kitchen, blue eyes crystal and happy catch mine. "You ok, you look like you are a million miles away?" he questions coming to stand across the island from me.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about how much I love you." I whisper and he jumps up on the counter and leans across to give me a kiss. It doesn't last long, after everything I have been through he is still testing the waters. 

"Can I ask you something?" he seems to study me for a second. 

"Almost anything," I say with a little laugh. 

He pushes a button on a little remote, and "Rose" from the Titanic soundtrack starts playing. He slides the rest of the way across the island to stand in front of me. I smile at him. But, then he bends down on one knee, and I and stunned and a little panicked. He pulls out a box, and in it is a silver anatomically correct heart. It's something Edgar Allen Poe I had mentioned wanting a while back. "I am sorry this is all I have, my other gotten stollen. But, I swear someday you will have the best of you accept. Kit, you are my best friend, and slowly you have become everything I need in my life. Will you marry me?"

"Yes, oh god yes!" I smile tears finally falling. I have to tell my sister. She will be so excited. This means I am safe. Yet, as I pull out my phone, I am back in the abyss, and the outline is glowing. Begrudgingly I place the mirror back into its place. 

I sigh looking around, there really is nothing here. I look down, and pick up a face down shard. Sure enough, it is those sapphire blue eyes, with a few blonde bangs falling in front of them. This once doesn't take a split second to wrap me in its warm embrace. Everything changes to white. I look down and I am in a purple and black sparkle dress. My eyes roam up, an that boy is in a tux, with a horrible orange tie that makes me smile. 

"Kit, I miss you." he says as he pulls me into a hug. One of his hands takes to scratching the back of my head. The other finds its way around my waste. I just wrap both of my arms around how waste burying my face into his chest.

"I miss you so much." I cry into him.

I pushes me back a little, and takes up my hand kissing the knuckles where all the cuts are. He tears off a piece of his dress shirt and wraps them. Once again he pulls me to him, and he kisses the top of my head. "I just need you to take care of yourself for a little longer." I nod, not really wanting to do it. "you don't know how much you mean to me." he whispers.

"I think I were my second chance. I love you so much Aaron." say hugging him tighter. I want to stay here, like this. 

"I am coming back for you Kit, just stand alone a little longer." he pushes me back to meet my eyes, and I sadly nod. He leans in, and our lips lightly touch. Just for a brief second before I find myself alone. Back in the cold abyss. The outline for this one is blinding, but I stare onto those blue eyes a moment too long.

Blood is already seeping through the white bandage he just put on. I look back at the mirror shard seeing those beautiful blue eyes staring at me. For a split second I have a twisted smirk, before blood leaks from the corner of my mouth with a cough. I twist the mirror shard deeper into my stomach. "Together forever" I mutter in my now hoarse voice. "It is far from done, but at least it's a start." then I collapse. 
I know it's's pieces of a horrible nightmare I had about an almost of not equally horrible reality....for my sister who told me to's all past ...i am safe...
part of: [link]
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CatsfromElsweyr Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So... This was a dream? :faint:
I would have been petrified... Darkness and a mirror, oh GODS how I hate mirrors...:fear:

There is something about mirrors that scares me so much... Like staring into the evil inside of you, watching it get ready to spring at any moment... :evillaugh:

That's how I see it, but I like the way you worded it! :D
:iconsakura2349: was a nightmare...some of it is based in reality...but the dream kind of blurred the lines....I hate mirrors to...haha lame as it is I have a feat of like seeing someone behind me then turning around and them not being there haha...I am glad you liked though
CatsfromElsweyr Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's one petrifying nightmare! :fear:
I would DIE of fright if that happened! Look back into the mirror in disbelief, then destroy it!
I always have a strange liking for odd dreams :D
I like weird dreams... Not so much a fan of night terrors like this one
CatsfromElsweyr Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That would have been an OMFG! dream for me ^.^
Hold strong sis... and I promise that I'm still gonna be here.
Thanks....that's all that matters :(
:hug: It will work out.
you dont know that
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